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  • Handsome Arabian Prince
    Handsome Arabian Prince

    Why do they think we wanna se shane vs strowman?

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther

    I got this recommended again after Ashley won the title. 🤝 A job well done

  • Milen Gabrile
    Milen Gabrile


  • Josué M. Roque López
    Josué M. Roque López

    Josue’ M. Roque Lo’ pez


    Cena 🥰🥰🥰

  • Aaron Guilett
    Aaron Guilett

    Mustafa Ali needs to be united states champion

  • Mathias Cage
    Mathias Cage


  • ابو حميد ال الاكسر
    ابو حميد ال الاكسر

    نرجو تحويل ميز بوضع حرف الطاء بدلاً من الميم

  • Daniel Zetterqvist
    Daniel Zetterqvist

    That ref needs to chill!!

  • bluecrisis

    The fiend change this man so damn much I don't approve of this one bray

  • khandakinn


  • toto mayor
    toto mayor

    You can see the emotion on his face! So happy for Bobby lashley!

  • Kuba 007
    Kuba 007

    Very good song

  • Dragon King Oscurare
    Dragon King Oscurare

    Sadly we all knew this would be happening, hopefully Asuka retains at Wrestlemania even if she lost later on to Becky when she returns.

  • Hi Daßer
    Hi Daßer

    WWE Champ!

  • Jake Schindler
    Jake Schindler

    Evil Randy vs good randy

  • Zaiddaan Metedad
    Zaiddaan Metedad

    I love how dean slapped the mic down and didn't even look

  • SilentBlade1066

    I was hoping for a claymore

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin

    Miz is the best !!!

  • TedNosey

    Nice one for Lashley, but you all know if Brock ever returns he goes after the Tribal Chief and Heyman

  • R Gimantha
    R Gimantha

    Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!! Thank you harper!!!!!

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis

    How do we put over Bobby Lashley? WWE: By burying the Miz and the money in the bank contract for literally no other reason than to put over black lesnar

  • Caine Te Whare
    Caine Te Whare

    I appreciate Drew putting over Lashley so much when he could have easily said that he took the easy route of making a deal with Miz, because it'd be easier to beat him for the title than Drew.

  • Pawar buta
    Pawar buta

    I really love you Ronda 😘


    Congratulations boby

  • EJ Lopez
    EJ Lopez

    It’s crazy as I remember most of their Raw matches, I have literally no memory of this match, seen this tlc as well when it aired.

  • chii O
    chii O

    Miz is good.

  • JRR31984

    Elias is STILL BEAST.

  • Hiram JSG
    Hiram JSG

    The most funny thing about This is that when Charlotte say she wants to be one thousand time champion and that she Want to face Asuka and beat her AGAIN some dumbasses clap to that and it's like are You all idiots or what? You Want Charlotte to be champion again and again and AGAIN and........AGAIN they got a lot of different Women wrestlers but nooooooooo only Charlotte gets titles maybe they should fire every woman in the roster since Charlotte appears to be the only women superstar that exist

  • Frank Wilkinson
    Frank Wilkinson

    It's about time Bobby got a real push. I liked that Miz won it but this is much better.

  • angela sumner
    angela sumner

    That’s not True al the fan love Charlotte

  • Ryan Heisler
    Ryan Heisler

    I LOVE this storyline. that was definitely Brey speaking to Orton. Demonic

  • Lai Nagisa
    Lai Nagisa

    After all the hard work miz work for WWE with his mic skills and extremely well heel face for all these years Just when you think he finally gets what he should get after all these hardworks, they just use him as a mid card again Good job vince

  • Demon Seed
    Demon Seed

    He had the championship for least then 3 weeks🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Jade

    Why target the leg if you aren’t gonna use the figure 8? 🥴

  • Mike H.
    Mike H.

    I hope 🤞 Dakota and Raquel are watching.

  • ogswxnk !
    ogswxnk !


  • Jay Kellett
    Jay Kellett

    John Morrison what a legend and a funny character

  • Tmb 1982
    Tmb 1982

    I can’t wait to see Dwayne Johnson vs The Rock

  • Olvi Olvi
    Olvi Olvi


  • Rodney Short
    Rodney Short

    Ted was one of my favs

  • Terrell Hooks
    Terrell Hooks

    I am really enjoying this stroyline with Randy Orton Alexa Bliss and bray wyatt

  • Oluwamayowa Oluwasola
    Oluwamayowa Oluwasola

    Liv Morgan his skills is good bruh

  • InoMundo

    This is stupid.

  • Shifa Shahine
    Shifa Shahine

    Crazy 😜

  • The King of Jersey
    The King of Jersey

    The Almighty Era Begins...

  • koxify rind
    koxify rind

    and riddle says he is ufc champion lol!!!!!

  • Suraj Yadav
    Suraj Yadav

    Everything was perfect, no honey, everything is perfect now, This day, March 1st 2021, Heck yeah, MvP rules

  • محمد عثمان راجپوت
    محمد عثمان راجپوت

    Who's here after Bobby won wwe tittle?

  • Shifa Shahine
    Shifa Shahine

    Crazy match

  • Micah Sanders
    Micah Sanders

    It’s about f****** time

  • Mateo Shepherd
    Mateo Shepherd

    Firefly funhouse might become a mainstay at wrestlemania where the fiend starts a new wrestlemania streak

  • J Ray
    J Ray

    I’m not a Paul Heyman Guy...... I’m a MVP _______

  • Tyrell Grey
    Tyrell Grey

    Congratulations Bobby Lashley 🖒🖒

  • Jamall Rogers
    Jamall Rogers

    I was glad the rock have won a title during that time.

  • jamal karshe
    jamal karshe

    I’m so bored of Shane McMahon it’s unbelievable

  • jordan087


  • Dragon King Oscurare
    Dragon King Oscurare

    Really liking how epic Damian has been booked so far he could have some great feud for the Tag Team or US title while remaining undefeated for some time.

  • ricardo manuel farias lanchipa
    ricardo manuel farias lanchipa

    So much for drew to give Bobby a claymor at wrestlemania and remove the title again and have his reign


    The Big Red Machine

  • Kent Shindle
    Kent Shindle

    Bobby lashey

  • Chuck Balkin
    Chuck Balkin

    Wtf took wwe so long to push Lashley? Dude should be pushed like a monster, but since he returned he's been basically a jobber.

  • MS RV
    MS RV

    Massive congrats to Bobby.....great leadership from MVP.... the Hurt Business saves Raw.......

  • sukra andal
    sukra andal

    . .

  • Ralphio Strooker
    Ralphio Strooker

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • Rasya A
    Rasya A

    Ini itu setingan

  • pk mobile
    pk mobile


  • divyanshu pandey
    divyanshu pandey

    Jindar mahal ne sirf nak katwaya h india ka 😂

  • Cory Snider
    Cory Snider

    So The Miz was "The Middle Man" so to speak. This made Miz look stupid

  • Vyse Foxx
    Vyse Foxx

    Now if MVP could win a title 24/7 title

  • MLVN Lee
    MLVN Lee

    17 YEARS 17 YEARS 17 YEARS


    Anyone else thought it looked like cm punk on the thumbnail

  • Alliance of Idiots
    Alliance of Idiots

    Wow this was the first full episode i watched with my younger cousin. So oh my God this brought memories. Also Aleister's Burial began here.

  • Amir Spellman
    Amir Spellman

    This is great

  • Come Fast!! Take Glimpse Of My Body
    Come Fast!! Take Glimpse Of My Body

    Literally that was Cena’s best shirt you can’t change my mind

  • Holden Chetty
    Holden Chetty

    Bo Rida killed him😂😂😂

  • Jxys

    miz is a coward