Full Elimination Chamber 2021 results: WWE Now
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  • watchterra

    yo, this was wild, bobby s loosing coused miz to win the title xD, well edge has an easier star to face for the title but i am sure that drew gets his title back

  • Potato Potato
    Potato Potato

    2:02 Michael Cole, you good?

  • Corey Sova
    Corey Sova

    3:56 they say it's never good the championship upside down

  • Shamey boi Smith
    Shamey boi Smith

    I love how we all somehow agree someone deserved to win more than daniel bryan

  • Johnmary Lukanga
    Johnmary Lukanga

    the bro that runs the show wins bobby lashley

  • Hema Masari
    Hema Masari


  • rational conservative
    rational conservative

    I still find it so stupid that Vince McMahon makes everyone say "Superstars". It's so f'n lame. They're wrestlers. It's also a Championship BELT.

  • TheProdigyGaming

    who else wanted sasha and bianca to be champs

  • richard allan jo
    richard allan jo

    miz is the ugliest of all the wwe superstars


    That was a nice frog splash

  • Quinton du Plessis
    Quinton du Plessis

    The Miz cashes in right after the elimination chamber...... wow, no one saw that coming. Edge spears RR.... wow no one saw that coming. WWE is predictable..... wow no one saw that coming.

  • duble dorf
    duble dorf

    Miz stronger than brock Lesnar CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zkz._.

    I’m actually happy the miz won

  • Thatbruhluis 301
    Thatbruhluis 301

    Glad miz is champ but im scared wwe is gonna make drew irrelevant

  • TJ Wilson
    TJ Wilson

    when did asuka last defend her title at a ppv?

  • Luis Narvaez
    Luis Narvaez

    u video sucks

  • Mr. Beal
    Mr. Beal

    Mix deserves this so much! Nobody works as hard as he does nor do they do as good as a job at getting ppl to hate him

  • Lawrence Mvere
    Lawrence Mvere

    bruh its like Reginald is in love with Sasha like bruh wth

    • Mike H.
      Mike H.

      Are you kidding me?!

  • Eriet 1234
    Eriet 1234

    0:03 Kevin: im gonna defend myself. Usos: hit the splash. Kevin: nevermind.

  • mikey modiri
    mikey modiri

    I’m actually happy miz is champion. Now time to see if wwe will let him be champion or just use him as a transition

  • TTV Dwyane
    TTV Dwyane

    Roman Kinda Reminds Me Of Brock But Always in wwe lmao

  • Antonio Ghoul
    Antonio Ghoul

    The chamber event is WEAK!!!!!!

  • Spice Entertainment
    Spice Entertainment

    Miz deserves to win,he has waited for a long time

  • GRAVY ?!
    GRAVY ?!

    Hey Roman won at least:)

  • PAIN

    no one literally no one: lady in background:moostufa ali

  • mike valentine
    mike valentine

    Can't 4 the life if understand WHY they keep putting that ice cream truck driver Daniel Bryan in these big matches when he's clearly no match for ANYONE!

  • Demon angel King
    Demon angel King

    Hell yeah Daniel bryan

  • Anarion Johnson
    Anarion Johnson


  • Bolarinwa Adeniyi-Pitan
    Bolarinwa Adeniyi-Pitan

    Vince McMahon is stupid to make miz WWE champion I hope drew McIntyre wins it back

  • Justine Paul Lemos
    Justine Paul Lemos


  • ıf your lıfe had a face ı would punch ıt •
    ıf your lıfe had a face ı would punch ıt •

    "the head of the table"...roman reings... ...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂...

  • Dodger Channel
    Dodger Channel

    Why pay for the network when they give the results for free 🙃😅

  • Shpat Shpat
    Shpat Shpat

    Miz winning the WWE Championship was 🔥🔥

  • Phillip Tashayawedu
    Phillip Tashayawedu

    why roman danile sohuld of won

  • Paul Makhlouf
    Paul Makhlouf

    If keith lee was able to compete in that fatal 4 way match he would of won

  • Big daddy
    Big daddy

    Jack be nibble jack be quick they got to get crisco to make the thing fit

  • Jay Maidenberg
    Jay Maidenberg

    The Miz ? How boring ! Another reason to record Smackdown and Raw and fast forward through the garbage. I can watch Raw in under an hour. The plot lines are old and stale, and characters like the Miz should be retired.

    • Jay Maidenberg
      Jay Maidenberg

      @Sage Ever I’m 76 years old, and have been a wrestling fan for over 60 years. I’ve probably forgotten more about the sport than you’ve ever known. I was presenting an opinion...my opinion...about the Miz.

    • Sage Ever
      Sage Ever

      Bruh can you just shut up you probably are a random casual wwe fan who knows nothing about wrestling

  • Officer Mahal
    Officer Mahal

    Annnnd I wont be watching Raw. Just no reason to. Maybe after mania.

  • Nova 2.0
    Nova 2.0

    Miz & Mrs haha, this is interesting. How long until he lose it ? Miz should main event Wrestlemania against CM Punk.

    • Nova 2.0
      Nova 2.0

      Ofcourse, Im exaggerating because Miz's win is also an exaggeration.

    • Aimee Ruanto
      Aimee Ruanto

      That’s unlikely to happen because CM Punk still has some beef with triple h

  • •Geraldine•


  • Meniem Ahmed
    Meniem Ahmed

    Best show since survivor series 2019

  • Ironhammer

    El miz es tan chanta que necesita de un maletín para ganar un título importante... Fin del comunicado

  • David T
    David T

    Why didn't Mizz took the Uni belt? Can't stand Roman

  • Micheal Winters
    Micheal Winters

    Miz must give up the championship or must be fired no one cares for the loud mouth

  • Rick Gilbert
    Rick Gilbert

    I dont need to watch i knew Drew was losing his title if not in the chamber after and he did. And i wanted to see who they feed to Roman did anybody really believe there was a chance for Roman to lose the title to a man who had to win the chamber the same night? Roman didnt have to fight in the chamber like Drew did so they feed him someone just like i tho they was going to. Romans on that Brock Contract lol. Just like Daniel said lol

  • Kenny Beta
    Kenny Beta

    WWE: *RKOs* Subtitle: *ArcaOs*

  • Logan James
    Logan James

    Now why wouldn’t they let jey win to set up him finally turning on Roman and potentially a triple threat match with edge 🤔

  • Glenn Don
    Glenn Don

    The miz is the great champion !

  • Jimenez Tinaco
    Jimenez Tinaco

    where is wwe women's elimination chamber????

  • Dquan IsSavage
    Dquan IsSavage

    Appreciate The Updates Today WWE!!🙌🙌😎🐐🐐🐐🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • XxIceManxX713

    It’s a matter of time before John backstabs the miz and somehow score a opportunity just u guys wait

  • Elle Zee
    Elle Zee

    Both raw and smackdown womens championship isnt defended in the elimination chamber I-

  • Salvador Moran Jr
    Salvador Moran Jr

    Miz got help by Bobby lashley with out him he won’t able to cash his briefcase as for smack down elimination that’s wasn’t fair Roman Regins has energized while Daniel Bryan was Exhausted tired while Roman was fresh that’s what I call bull

  • Yoruukun

    can someone explain why theres no women match? like the usual 6 way match

  • wavejhuztin27

    Its weird. Why do Drew defended his title inside the chamber while Reigns just sitted to wait for his contender. After Bryan won. He Quickly Faced the Fresh Champion. 🤷🏻‍♂️ ... Very Unfair lol. Drew Defended His title and get cash-ined after he conquered it. Reigns just battled an exhausted Bryan ...

  • Wwe 2
    Wwe 2

    If bobby didn't attack drew mycintyre he would still be champion

  • Wwe 2
    Wwe 2

    I think randy was the first one out sad

  • King Jae
    King Jae

    The Miz is new champion? Mad!!!

  • State of Emergency
    State of Emergency

    Moo stugh fuh?

  • Erick Smith
    Erick Smith

    Finally.....give it to Miz for his talents.

  • EAS Girl 24
    EAS Girl 24

    Well I can’t wait to see the miz get his head Claymored off

  • Raj yadav
    Raj yadav

    I. A m v e r y h a p p y finally drew lost the championship

  • strangewayshere

    Not a real sport

  • Drake Drake
    Drake Drake

    Miz the champion now? 😡🤦💩 miz sucks

  • Omrin Mohmmad
    Omrin Mohmmad

    The Miz past the WWE

  • DeCampa Gaming
    DeCampa Gaming

    Worst elimination chamber ppv ever all the results of who was gonna win/interfere were made public 2 hours before the show started only thing that didnt happen was the fiend showing up from under the ring to mess randy up other then that all the other results were right

  • Brandon Egan
    Brandon Egan

    God damn why did Miz have to ruin everything

    • Sage Ever
      Sage Ever

      Shut UP? Please? He worked in wwe for more than 13 years he deserve it

  • Jru Wilkerson
    Jru Wilkerson

    Real Fans know that Miz deserves this moment. Very hard worker and has extremely underrated mic game

  • Ruth Kelly
    Ruth Kelly

    love the way the women got only one match

  • Yosef Roth
    Yosef Roth

    Miz cash in on Randy: DISLIKE Miz cash in on Drew: LIKE!!! Who likes miz now/!?! is it just me?!?!? MIZ HAS FINALLY PROVEN HIMSELF!

  • DoomGuy

    Edge is better than Daniel Bryan

  • Alfie ツ
    Alfie ツ

    I want Brock Lesnar to Return

  • Todd Palmer
    Todd Palmer

    Bobby Lashley should go for world title now John Morrison should go for U.s title

  • Lui 5ohh
    Lui 5ohh

    Cant believe people really riding the miz train smh there are so much more super stars that deserve that title

  • Alvin Mcfarland
    Alvin Mcfarland

    New WWE champion And go on the wrestlemania

  • Ethan Monillas
    Ethan Monillas

    I want to see miz face to face not cashing in😒

  • TheSilent Knight
    TheSilent Knight

    We ❤️ Miz!🤩

  • Jamari Johnson
    Jamari Johnson

    They Said Fiend might return tonight u agree cause I do

  • Aaron Gonzalez
    Aaron Gonzalez

    Please don’t make Morrison mizes sidekick anymore pleaseee. Make him turn and continue that feud from 2011 when Miz ambushed him, and give Morrison A title run.

  • Israel Deoleo
    Israel Deoleo

    Bad bunny WWE

  • Michael Bounya
    Michael Bounya

    At WrestleMania it will be Spear vs Spear

  • Rick Meywes
    Rick Meywes

    I'm thinking Jey Uso is going to interfere in the match between Edge and Roman. He'll either turn heel or he'll go to Superkick Edge and miss landing the kick on Roman with Edge spearing Roman to win the WWE championship!

  • Batman6178 /nope
    Batman6178 /nope

    Jeff should had won the championship

  • Geneo Augustin
    Geneo Augustin


  • mansale

    Congrats miz

  • Scott Wood
    Scott Wood

    So the guy ( Miz ) that has been a jobber for all the new talent for aleast the last yr is now the champ !!! WWE creative just killing it as usual !!!


    Go wwe

  • AJ Villanueva
    AJ Villanueva

    Who else wants to watch Samoa Joe vs Drew McIntyre for the wwe championship?

    • AJ Villanueva
      AJ Villanueva

      @Li Thats a good one tho not gonna lie

    • Li

      I prefer Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns more 😂

  • David Filicia
    David Filicia

    WWE has lost its mind. Drew McIntyre can easily be the next Hulk Hogan. But Vince McMahon got it wrong again. I dont even want to watch RAW. Time to retire Vince. I mean it.

  • Skum

    That main event was awful. When AJ Styles and Randy Orton are a step off you know it's bad. I've been watching WWE for over 30 years, and if Miz didn't win last night, I don't even think I would be watching this year's Wrestlemania. If something doesn't improve, I'm done with it.

  • Fatima Lola
    Fatima Lola

    Drew still the best for me. He lose his champion its just cause of bobby attack him. I am glad cause bad guy bobby lose his tittle.

    • Sage Ever
      Sage Ever

      Ok no you dont know nothing about wrestling

  • Dark Link
    Dark Link

    I hate how wwe make people get distracted easily.

  • No Bueno
    No Bueno

    Musse Ta Fa?

  • Austin Bonner
    Austin Bonner

    Bruh the Miz is SOFT. Is he talented? Yes. Hope he his run is short lived.

  • js switch
    js switch

    yes i want drew to win but it would look better on the miz

  • Lilwolf Gamer140
    Lilwolf Gamer140


  • Andre Lu
    Andre Lu

    2:48 lol the way she pronounced mustafa

  • keyur patel
    keyur patel

    yes j.m.deserve it

  • SB Studios
    SB Studios

    I’m the miz and I’m terrible

  • SomeOldGuy

    Please for the love of all things holy just let Cesaro wi. A world title

    • SomeOldGuy

      @Chase Radcliffe exactly

    • Chase Radcliffe
      Chase Radcliffe

      He deserves it so much