Riddle basks in the glory of U.S. Title victory: WWE Network Exclusive, Feb. 21, 2021
A singles champion for the first time in WWE, The Original Bro talks about proving MVP and The Hurt Business wrong on what is the greatest night of his life. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • DeadPOOLParty

    Bask in the glory huh I feel a riddle heel turn and a rivalry with Kieth Lee

  • The Cryptic
    The Cryptic

    They need to bring back the mixed match challenge and have Riddle and Charlotte team and they should be called team Broooo

  • Troma 333
    Troma 333

    I haven't watched any wrestling in awhile. This guy is kind of entertaining though. Kind of has that natural charisma about him.

  • Daniele Lunardi
    Daniele Lunardi

    Well done, Tarzan

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B

    Riddle is annoying

  • Oindie Isa
    Oindie Isa

    Riddle reapeating what the woman is saying silently😂

  • Sucheta Pasarkar
    Sucheta Pasarkar


  • 周嶝錦

    E:Congratulations on winning the WWE United States Championship!Riddle,Congratulations!😄

  • Alcan’s EDITZ
    Alcan’s EDITZ

    0:26 I’m dead 🤣🤣

  • Jimmy

    What upppp brooo 🤙🏼

  • Vikkor Heel
    Vikkor Heel

    Keith Lee

  • william nobbe
    william nobbe

    Brooo you made it congrats!!!

  • E TV
    E TV

    Uusa bruussa lol

  • Nicholas Giambattista
    Nicholas Giambattista

    Matt Riddle is a guy who is slowly growing on the WWE fans. The best part about him to me is actually his matches in the ring.

  • Jarrell Ware Ware
    Jarrell Ware Ware

    WWE sure knows how to keep a black man down...are they seriously stepping over Keith Lee like that????

  • El Muro
    El Muro

    That US Title looks amazing 😯.

  • Jason Marone
    Jason Marone

    He's so dumb hahaha!!


    Matt Riddle Will Be The New Wwe Champion In The Future

  • Kashish Wele
    Kashish Wele

    Always "High Bro" 😂😂😂🔥

  • Kåmø Møkøëñã
    Kåmø Møkøëñã

    Yes!!!!!the bro the runs the show!!!!!!! Brusa championship!!!! I knew u could do it man!!!

  • F Lalramliana
    F Lalramliana

    Gongratulate his defeats so much

  • Alex Nerfersbuck
    Alex Nerfersbuck

    Congratulations bro!! US champion! Brusa bro bro bro!!!

  • Petar Kabranov
    Petar Kabranov

    No wonder people don't watch WWE anymore with this guy and the Miz as champions.

    • Petar Kabranov
      Petar Kabranov

      @Yifeng Toh And nobody cares for the Miz and Riddle also

    • Yifeng Toh
      Yifeng Toh

      Nobody cares about you haha

  • Ishi Meadows
    Ishi Meadows

    Even a stoner like him can be a champ

  • johandi sagala
    johandi sagala

    He always chill

  • Mike H.
    Mike H.


  • casper

    I feel like Keith was supposed to win and riddle was gonna be the one to take the pin. But since Keith was out riddle won

  • Julian Warren
    Julian Warren

    Awww Yeah!!!!! The Ridd-Man is Our new United States Champion!!!! Congratulations!!!!! All Hail the King Of Bros!!!

  • sagar sondarva
    sagar sondarva

    Ric flair is proud...

  • Iru3737jdjekw Ysuejdjdjsksj
    Iru3737jdjekw Ysuejdjdjsksj

    Good job riddle u deserve it

  • miseryluvsco.

    I hope this means lashley might get a wwe championship run ..

  • DeAngelo Way
    DeAngelo Way

    basks cheat

  • DeAngelo Way
    DeAngelo Way


  • Shiju John
    Shiju John

    Bro keep it up

  • Sam Bannon
    Sam Bannon


  • عوض حسن
    عوض حسن

    The dream comes true he is a lot like new HBK

  • Common Man
    Common Man

    Congratulations🥂Bruh 😎

  • Jonny Pee
    Jonny Pee

    His new over the shoulder fanny pack. Lol

  • Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez

    Yes Finally

  • joshua opont
    joshua opont

    The title looks good on him. He could be a awesome heel. Give him the riddler character. Lol like that bobby fish nursery rhyme he did with peter dunne lol

  • Nicholas Clark
    Nicholas Clark

    He went Rick Flair on em bro!

  • llLOVEWiTHiNll iAM SAKi
    llLOVEWiTHiNll iAM SAKi

    Its brutal to see Lashley for several months attack riddle it seems so personal and intense... Glad Riddle is doing well now..

  • Kiran Punnoose
    Kiran Punnoose

    Matt Riddle deserves it, he earned it.

  • Jay Boogie79
    Jay Boogie79

    Riddle is RVD re - incarnated!!!

  • Samy Heath
    Samy Heath

    Congratulations Matt Riddle 🎊

  • El Costa
    El Costa

    Bru does need a new finisher though.

  • Paul Primus
    Paul Primus

    Riddle invoking the Nature Boy lol but congrats to the Original Bro.

  • Ronel T
    Ronel T

    Unlike the Miz girl, I can see the happiness!

  • 4byte dismble
    4byte dismble

    i am happy for you bro but still bobby lashley is my favorite

  • tremaine young
    tremaine young

    Congratulations on the win riddle you won the United States Championship from Bobby Lashley

  • Rockjames2008

    1:13 this is from Royal rumble 1992 when Ric Flair won it and the wwe championship or am I wrong

  • NYCrazyRob

    I wonder who would have won the match if Keith Lee was there.

  • Andrew Sykora
    Andrew Sykora

    Wow who would know

  • DeQuan Waters-Smith
    DeQuan Waters-Smith

    That is an incredibly and unsuspecting genuine response to winning The Championship , sir. At first I resented the Idea. But Now, I don't KNOW if I like it, but he didn't beat BOBBY LASHLEY BOBBY LASHLEY exactly, so I don't feel POIGNANT, or relatively suspicious as to it being A Possible form....of White "Supremacy"

  • Jaiden Johnson
    Jaiden Johnson

    Riddles title win was WAYYYYY better than Miz

  • The Devils Playground
    The Devils Playground

    And last but not least Riddle, you can only aspire to be a ''stain'' on Ric Flair's jock strap.

  • The Devils Playground
    The Devils Playground

    Hey Riddle. Today's Era isn't soft? Today's WWE Superstars can't even blade, or take chair shots to the head their too frail., lol. Sorry WWE Universe McMahon is going to drop Riddle like a bad habit.

  • amine gharbia
    amine gharbia

    L o n g t i m e.... So over confident but it sadly won't happen because compare he's strength and Bobby lashely strength... If he get to keep it for 1 month before Bobby beats him up hes a man

  • dis pater
    dis pater

    Theres no way that title aint intentional..and im totally here for it

  • Michael Killer romines Dragon family
    Michael Killer romines Dragon family

    Good for you

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R

    Keep that United States for forever Matt 🎉🎉🤟🤟👏👏🎊🎊

  • The Devils Playground
    The Devils Playground

    Look it's ''Jungle Boy'' Jack Perry in the WWE..

  • Demarco Tolson
    Demarco Tolson

    Congratulations riddle gonna be a fighting champion

  • oscar alejandro sanchez
    oscar alejandro sanchez

    me gusto su gane

  • IceeEan McCabe
    IceeEan McCabe

    Bout time you got a singles title bro

  • Joshua Aniston
    Joshua Aniston

    I grew up watching The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Seeing these PG ‘wrestlers’ makes me laugh. They suck so bad!

  • Elijah Whitfield
    Elijah Whitfield

    I like the Ric Flair quote "Classy 🥲👌🏾✊🏾

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    Hate him put some real wrestling gear on John Morrison should have won. Both Miz and Morrison champions

  • Colin McCullough
    Colin McCullough

    This title win is brought to you because Riddle tried to get MVP to invest in bronuts

  • Axel Beltran
    Axel Beltran

    Let be honest Bobby lashley did a great job with the United States champion

  • Johnny Morningstar
    Johnny Morningstar

    Riddle has long won me over as a fan. His goofiness on the mic is always entertaining and the dude is as solid as it gets in the ring. Well deserved bro 👏

  • Ghost Zero
    Ghost Zero

    Awesome 👏👏

  • Gage 2045
    Gage 2045

    Riddle is my favorite superstar

  • Shirley Fitz
    Shirley Fitz

    If keith was in this match he would have won but a keith should be proud of riddle

  • Brawlplay

    Congrulate my bro!!

  • Bandit Keith
    Bandit Keith

    Weak promo

  • oviyas24

    Bobby could of won the championship in a one on one

  • الجيش الباليزي
    الجيش الباليزي

    Bobby lashley vs drew mcintyre vs the miz at Wrestlemania

  • Taylor Kramer
    Taylor Kramer

    I love Matt Riddle. Such a unique modern character thar feels so natural 🤣

  • DR.smithRBT770 DBS
    DR.smithRBT770 DBS

    This what I think he definitely does devise it after all the hard work and time he does need it WWE better not make him a heel what do you think?!

  • the life and times of Moses
    the life and times of Moses

    This was absolutely needed WWE it opens up with new doors for new Challengers and plus y'all is making new star finally. All that's is needed now with Matt riddle is please make him more serious and give him a better ring attire

  • JonnySuite13

    You won the title, but you didn't beat the man who held it. You had to pin John Morrison, instead.

  • Philly Simpson
    Philly Simpson

    He’s growing on me

  • Jeremiah Valdez
    Jeremiah Valdez

    Proud of you bro!

  • Rob Son
    Rob Son

    If u dont watched Elimination Chamber i feel so sorry for u best el. Chamber of the years

  • Gimme A Hull Yeah! Podcast
    Gimme A Hull Yeah! Podcast

    Heel Keith Lee is taking this from Riddle at some point.

  • Dante Jackson
    Dante Jackson

    “With a tear in my eye” will always ring off for me

  • CAWCarcharo34

    Riddle vs. Lee at Mania

  • Kamil Sokol
    Kamil Sokol

    1:12 mocking Ric Flair?

  • lucas kellyotoole
    lucas kellyotoole

    I love when he makes a ric flair reference and goes bro

  • William Amacker
    William Amacker

    Come on Riddler call the title for this it’s the United States title United States USA not uuuusa bro Your whole gimmick is stupid bro you make me sick as a professional wrestler you’re gross put the tire back around somebody who can lift it up and call with the right title name or is it just to kick back for you bro stupid bro bro stupid dude 🖕💩🤢🤮/🤘🇺🇸

  • lucas kellyotoole
    lucas kellyotoole

    I love the way he is so happy

    • lucas kellyotoole
      lucas kellyotoole

      I’m starting to love riddle BRO

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion

    Imagine Matt Riddle vs Heel Jeff Hardy. With Jeff Hardy playing the role of 2009 straight edge CM Punk

  • Tom Palmer
    Tom Palmer

    Keith lee riddle squash match now loading...

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion

    When it’s all said and done the main event scene on Raw will consist of Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, The Fiend, Damian Priest, Keith Lee, The Miz, John Morrison, Sheamus, AJ Styles, and Matt Riddle Strongest main event scene WWE will have in years *IF DONE RIGHT*

    • Kenny B
      Kenny B

      I get sting and lex luger vibes from riddle and keith lee. May have rivalries but both will be top faces of the company and always have each others backs

  • Alvin Fernandes
    Alvin Fernandes

    I’m telling you now guys *THIS GUY IS THE FUTURE * PIN THIS

  • Leon resident evil con
    Leon resident evil con

    Bobby deserve the wwe championship bro is the best power house in the game

  • Theo Mason-Thompson
    Theo Mason-Thompson

    Basks in the glory...😐😑

  • Emil Garcia
    Emil Garcia

    Monday Night Bro!! 👍

  • H L
    H L

    Riddle should make us champion relevant